Friday, September 24, 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Short ?

This always happens.
When you have short,
you want long.
When you have long,
you want short.
Sooooo god damn annoying.
Girls are annoying.

Or should I just let it be ?

Can't wait for tomorrow.

I need a new profpic desperately.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hopes & Expections

Only gives you bigger disappointments.
It's one in the morning.
And i'm stuck here talking to annoying people,
instead of you.
Where are you ?

Friday, September 10, 2010

Everything I wish for

I don't care
I must, I want and I will have walk in closets in the future.
Everything shall be colour coordinated according to labels,
and it will be air-conditioned (full blast)

K, my third pair of shades this year.
Hope I don't break it again !
Shopping @ Zara

cassy my one and only luvv

Standing beside you just makes me look uglierrrrr


Brown cons,
personally am not a big fan of it,
not natural, plus it blocks your view.
I'd choose grey, which i'm using at the moment !
Can't wait to try hazel, honey, green and amethyst
Life's good.
1. I sleep like a prawn when my aircon's on full blast
2. I like mint
3. I have this thing for clouds
4. I prefer sunny days
5. I like accessories
6. I hate lizards
7. I feel insecure when my phone isn't around
8. facebook's boring
9. I like to sleep
10. I enjoy brushing my teeth
11. I hate holidays
12. I loathe annoying people
13. I want a new hair cut
14. I want a new pencil box
15. I want dimples
16. I want long lashes
17. I want the cyberclean-sponge thingy
18. I like colgate
19. I like a hot bath before school
20. I miss writing
21. I want to study
22.I'm addicted to starworld
23. I miss watching friends
24. I love barney (HIMYM)
25. I want to be a kid again
okay that's it buhbye.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

When boredom strikes,

Why so pretty ?! :(

I was so bored I went shopping online hehehehehehehe.

Ugh, i'm a girl,
and I like shopping

somebody please ?
Bring me go shoppingggggg,
or buy me all these,
I don't mind
Boring, rainy day,
how I wish Cassy's here with me right now boohoo :'(
But it's okay, I have millions of tabs,
one for my korean drama,
one for blogspot,
one for 2pm,
one for zara / forever21 / aldo,
one for facebook, of course.
I have my cell beside me,
a cup of ice lemon tea,
korean drama loading,
I love being alone.

Monday, September 6, 2010


It's funny how everything turned out to be.
Funny how we appreciate what we don't have ;
Funny how we take advantage of everything ;
Funny how we realise things that are important when they're only gone ;
Funny how people come and go ;
Funny how we want to go back to make a new beginning ;
Funny how people regret of what they've done ;
Funny how people can be complacent ;
Funny how people sacrifice but the others don't see it ;
Funny how the pain hurts without you uttering a word ;
Funny how people wait, but nothing turns out right ;
Funny how expections get so high, but we get nothing in the end ;
Funny how things happened, in such a way,
that I never see it coming.
People deny, but that's the fact. It's cold, hard fact. Appearances are deceiving. & everyone knows that.
It's weird how people chase so hard, for the thing that crave for.
But once they've got in their hands,
they completely don't care anymore.
That's what I fear of.
I fear,
I'll not be as important anymore,
not as interesting anymore,
not as challenging anymore,
not as funny anymore,
not as attractive anymore,
and most of all,
I fear to be stuck,
I fear of her.
What happens if it goes just like that,
like a blink of an eye ?
What happens if you'd turn your back to me,
and say 'I don't need you anymore' ?
I often think about that,
how long can this last ?
Forever, please ?
Because it feels so right.
Funny how I've neglected my blog, till now.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Life, is a lesson learned ; Love, is a life earned

My chocolate chip cupcakes !

ohemgee :'(


Stare so hard you burn a hole right through my back. Isn't that what lovers do ? Are you obsessed with me, like i'm obsessed with you ? And if it's not love, then what are we, but two dumb kids who can't breathe without each other ?