Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Beginning, New Me !

Hi everybody :) first of all, happy new year ! It's been too long since i've update my blog & since i have nothing to do, my blogging mojo finally kicked in.

So here I am, doing my "New Years Resolutions" post !

1. Patience

Like what others say, patience is a virtue. Well, I admit I run out of patience really quickly. I run out of patience when people tend to ask me a question more than once or twice, I run out of patience when I'm told to carry out a task more than once or twice. Ahh, you get the idea, I just need to be more patient !

2. Take control

My second new years resolution is to take control of my own life & stand up for myself ! It's not that I don't realise that people are taking advantage out of me, it's just that I think (thought) that it's alright to help out. Well, from now, I'll know my limits of helping people out, and STOP when he/she is crossing the line.

3. Be hardworking

Since college is starting in less than a week's time, I promised myself I have to get a good ATAR. Since SAM is based on coursework, I CANNOT slack ! No more being a couch bug, no more watching tv for more than an hour, no more lazing around the house.

4. Start saving MORE money !

With my future coming along so quickly, everything costs so much ! Uni, air tickets, exchange rates...I've just got to spend less & save more !!

5. Don't neglect exercising

The routine of exercises I did during this holidays is pretty good, i've got to say, so even if college is starting soon, I still need to make time for exercising even if it's 20 mins or half an hour ! Eat healthy & sleep early :)

6. Be more caring

I need to care more about my family & friends. Talk to my grandparents more frequently & make them happier than usual.

Well, all my resolutions above are kind of a cliche thing, everybody would make them their new year's resolutions too. But my last resolution is more of a personal thing.

7. Be more heartless & care less about him

With all kinds of interruptions & disturbance that had occured in our relationship, I can't say I've forgiven & forgotten. In the end, I'm still a girl. I don't hold onto grudges, but I remember the pain that he had caused. Trust issues, insecurities, lies & etc. Till this very day, the kniveS that stabbed into my heart are still there. But in 2012, i'm going to pretend like the knives aren't there & i'm going to care less. It's not worth of my time to cry over something I didn't know, something I will not have to pay for & something I didn't do. I will no expect anything good from him, and I will not expect anything bad either. I will not show my insecurities, my worries, my sadness or anything negative. I'll just occupy myself or shut down in my room. To all those moments when I trembled, cried, disbelieved, doubted myself, I will never EVER want to go back there again. In the end, love is beautiful & I will NOT let a person ruin something so beautiful.

That's my new year's resolution guys, I hope I'll update my blog more frequently ! :) Cheers to a new year X