Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Beginning, New Me !

Hi everybody :) first of all, happy new year ! It's been too long since i've update my blog & since i have nothing to do, my blogging mojo finally kicked in.

So here I am, doing my "New Years Resolutions" post !

1. Patience

Like what others say, patience is a virtue. Well, I admit I run out of patience really quickly. I run out of patience when people tend to ask me a question more than once or twice, I run out of patience when I'm told to carry out a task more than once or twice. Ahh, you get the idea, I just need to be more patient !

2. Take control

My second new years resolution is to take control of my own life & stand up for myself ! It's not that I don't realise that people are taking advantage out of me, it's just that I think (thought) that it's alright to help out. Well, from now, I'll know my limits of helping people out, and STOP when he/she is crossing the line.

3. Be hardworking

Since college is starting in less than a week's time, I promised myself I have to get a good ATAR. Since SAM is based on coursework, I CANNOT slack ! No more being a couch bug, no more watching tv for more than an hour, no more lazing around the house.

4. Start saving MORE money !

With my future coming along so quickly, everything costs so much ! Uni, air tickets, exchange rates...I've just got to spend less & save more !!

5. Don't neglect exercising

The routine of exercises I did during this holidays is pretty good, i've got to say, so even if college is starting soon, I still need to make time for exercising even if it's 20 mins or half an hour ! Eat healthy & sleep early :)

6. Be more caring

I need to care more about my family & friends. Talk to my grandparents more frequently & make them happier than usual.

Well, all my resolutions above are kind of a cliche thing, everybody would make them their new year's resolutions too. But my last resolution is more of a personal thing.

7. Be more heartless & care less about him

With all kinds of interruptions & disturbance that had occured in our relationship, I can't say I've forgiven & forgotten. In the end, I'm still a girl. I don't hold onto grudges, but I remember the pain that he had caused. Trust issues, insecurities, lies & etc. Till this very day, the kniveS that stabbed into my heart are still there. But in 2012, i'm going to pretend like the knives aren't there & i'm going to care less. It's not worth of my time to cry over something I didn't know, something I will not have to pay for & something I didn't do. I will no expect anything good from him, and I will not expect anything bad either. I will not show my insecurities, my worries, my sadness or anything negative. I'll just occupy myself or shut down in my room. To all those moments when I trembled, cried, disbelieved, doubted myself, I will never EVER want to go back there again. In the end, love is beautiful & I will NOT let a person ruin something so beautiful.

That's my new year's resolution guys, I hope I'll update my blog more frequently ! :) Cheers to a new year X

Sunday, October 2, 2011

I would very much prefer the old days.

So much changes

Not gonna put up with it anymore.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I'm just tired of putting almost everything into it, but getting completely nothing but pain out of it.

life's so unfair.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Who am I kidding ?

You'll never know...

Saturday, August 20, 2011

SS time with my son

Like mother like son <3

Junior's teasing you !

I literally feel like a mom now.

No joke.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Is it that hard to be happy again ?

I miss you.